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Tree trimming is not just about keeping your vegetation’s health in check, but it also is an art form that could boost the aesthetics of your property. It is an essential maintenance that stimulates and encourages the growth of your trees and plants, all the while preserving their natural appearance. When done with poor cutting techniques however, it can cause serious damage to your vegetation and it could take them a very long time to recover, or worse, would not recover at all.


Trimming and pruning may seem like an easy job at first glance, but it actually requires skill and good knowledge about proper techniques and methods. Moreover, it is a dangerous job, especially when mature trees are involved. You might not know this, but from the many reported incidents in tree care services, trimming and pruning takes up a good percentage. This is why it might be best to leave the job to the professionals. Professionals like Raleigh Tree Removal, who have trained for years in perfecting numerous techniques and methods, and have learned through experience the necessary protocols and procedures to keep the job clean and safe.

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Difference Between Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is often confused with pruning and are used interchangeably. As a matter of fact, they have their own purposes, methods, techniques, and timing. Even tools and equipment used in both aspects are different.


  • Trimming is usually performed on hedges and shrubs, while pruning is performed on trees and shrubs. Taking this into consideration, equipment used between trees and hedges will require different tools and equipment. When dealing with hedges and shrubs, it does not need a powerful tool or machinery. Trees on the other hand may require power tools such as chainsaws or other machineries.


  • Trimming is meant to encourage a healthy growth, while pruning is meant to protect them. Pruning’s main purpose is to cut away dead branches or stems, including branches that are pest infested, diseased, or damaged. It prevents these issues from spreading or becoming hazardous. Trimming on the other hand will keep your vegetation’s growth in check. It’s main purpose is to cut away overgrown limbs and foliage for them to grow in a certain way. It also allows sunlight and moisture to reach every part of your trees and plants.


  • Trimming does not have a strict timing, while pruning needs to be properly timed to yield successful results. Trimming can be done as soon as you notice that your hedges or shrubs are overgrown and is blocking sunlight and preventing moisture from reaching its limbs and foliage. It can also be done when you want to improve your vegetation’s appeal and desirability by fixing unusual growth, or by cutting it into distinct shapes, known as topiary method. Pruning on the other hand will require good timing to encourage growth and protect them from diseases or sickness. Pruning is usually done on a tree or plant’s dormancy period where their resistance is as its strongest.

Tree Cutting Tips

Difference Between Tree Pruning & Tree Topping / Tree Lopping


Tree pruning services are required for a tree that needs dead branches removed, size reduction, or is ready for some new growth or even improved production of flowers and fruit.​


When it comes to topping or lopping a tree, the tree is actually re-shaped. This is often for aesthetic or landscaping purposes, and there are serious considerations that must be taken before such drastic steps are taken.


When To Prune


Trees that have just leafed out in spring could be weakened by pruning too early. Pruning in late summer will prevent weakening.


Pruning for structure and form is best left until after the leaves fall and the branches can be seen clearly.


Remove dead wood in the summer when leafless branches are easily spotted.
Major pruning should not be initiated during “maple sugar time” (January through early March in most areas).


Beetles that infect oak trees are active from late spring through midsummer. If oak wilt is present in your region, do not prune your oaks during this period.


Pruning for clearance should be done when branches are sagging to their lowest point.


Remember – before you start pruning your tree it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you first consult professional tree trimmers! Trimming a tree that may be protected by law can result in criminal penalties. Don’t take any risks and let us handle the work!


What To Do With Stubs


When a branch breaks off in the wind or is cut too far from where it joins the tree, a stub remains. This dead remnant prevents a protective callus from closing the wound and provides insects with an entry point. Once insects make inroads, moisture and rot can take over.


The discolored wood in the stub shows the damage the tree sustained as rot spread. When cutting off an old stub, be careful not to cut into the swollen callus tissue forming at the base of the stub. It’s needed to seal the wound.


Applying a seal over pruning cuts or even broken branches is no longer necessary. Allowing a wound to breathe is the best way for it to heal faster.

You're Better Off Hiring A Pro!

Trimming and pruning are two of the most DIY’ed tree care maintenance, simply because it looks rather easy, and requires less work than cutting down a tree. As a matter of fact, it does require less work, but trimming and pruning requires more finesse and skills to get successful results. As with the other tree care services, the job is associated with many risks that can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. That is why you should consider hiring professionals to finish the job. 


Raleigh Tree Removal offers exceptional trimming and pruning services that should easily solve your tree care maintenance. We have with us a team of professionals who specialize in the various methods and techniques required in trimming or pruning, assuring you of a top-notch friendly service. Give us a call and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

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