About us

Raleigh Tree Removal is a family-owned tree care company, serving Raleigh and neighboring communities. When homeowners or businesses are in need of tree services, they often turn to us simply because the service we provide are unmatched in quality and rates. Our services guarantees customer satisfaction, so you can rest easy knowing that your trees and plants are in good hands with professionals. With our years of experience and training in the industry, we have garnered exceptional skills and instinct that makes us one of the best, if not the best tree care company in Raleigh, NC. 

Our Values


  • Honesty and Integrity. Raleigh Tree Removal’s team of professionals are trained with a variety set of skills in tree care industry, making us capable of handling any tree services efficiently and responsibly. We guarantee our clients satisfying results with no extra hassles or charges.




  • Safety. No matter how complicated the situation may be, we always prioritize our client’s safety and our own. Before we proceed with our service, we always make sure we have everything planned out, from protective gears to escape routes. Our strict safety policies and protocols is what kept us from unfortunate incidents for many years.




  • Mastery. Our team of technicians are always hungry for new innovations such as methods and techniques associated with tree care industry. We don’t stop at basic skills and knowledge, instead we want to be the best of the best. We take great pride in the quality of our service, thanks to our team of dedicated and hardworking staff.



Our Services

Raleigh Tree Removal offers the complete tree care services, from trimming to pruning, stump removal to tree removal, cabling or bracing, fertilization or pest control, land clearing, and tree health management. No matter which service you require, we can assure you that the job is as good as done, no matter the difficulty and the size. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you might have.

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