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Do you need your palm trees trimmed? Even though palm trees are typically low maintenance, they do require occasional trimming. At Raleigh Tree Removal, we will evaluate your trees and trim them when needed using proven techniques that will not only help stimulate the growth of your trees, but will also strengthen their roots to withstand storms.


If you’d like to learn more about palm tree trimming here are some important things you should know:


  • Unnecessary trimming can be harmful to your trees because it reduces their nutritional health and their ability to withstand the cold, allows for the transmission of diseases, and lowers their tolerance to handle wind storms. Nutrient deficiencies can also cause the tree trunks to narrow and the fronds to reduce in size;
  • Palm trees get their nutrients from the green fronds on the tree, so if too many fronds are removed, it can cause the growth of the tree to slow and become more susceptible to pests and disease;
  • Brown and yellow fronds can harbor rodents and insects, so they should be removed. This will also help stimulate the tree’s growth as a new frond will only grow when an old one dies;
  • Broken fronds, palm flowers and fruit stalks should be removed as well. The palm flowers and fruit stalks should especially be removed because they take energy away from the growth of the tree fronds;
  • Palm fruit and seeds should be removed because they can be a food source for pests such as rodents and birds, they can be a safety hazard to anyone standing below a palm tree when they fall, and some palm trees produce fruit that can make a mess, stain cement, and smell bad when they fall to the ground;
  • Palm tree tops should never be removed because shorter trunk tops will not regrow or branch, and doing this can actually kill the tree;
  • To avoid damaging your trees, never have them trimmed in unnatural shapes.

When trimming your palm trees, we will always use a cherry picker or ladder, and will never use climbing spikes that can possibly damage the trunks and spread disease, which can occur when the spikes are re-used from tree to tree. Any tools used will be thoroughly cleaned between each use to avoid these problems.


To avoid possibly damaging your palm trees from improper pruning or care, please contact us now to ensure your palm trees are trimmed properly and continue to grow healthy and strong.

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