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When you are in need of a land clearing service near Raleigh area, there’s no better-equipped and better-skilled than Raleigh Tree Removal. Whether for a residential, commercial or industrial lot property, we have all the necessary resources to get the job done safely and efficiently. With over 20 years of experience and several years of training in the industry, we can clear any land area no matter how difficult or how large of a scale the project may be. Our team of professionals will make sure everything is done according to your specifications and is done safely and responsibly. 

Why Should You Hire Tree Clearing Professionals

  • Quick and efficient – Besides having the necessary skills and training in removing trees and stumps, professionals are also fully-equipped with all the right tools and machinery. They can easily remove unwanted debris and overgrown hedges or shrubs from your property in no time. Compared to individual contractors or inexperienced companies, professionals such as Raleigh Tree Removal gets the job done the way you wanted it to be.
  • Reliable and Insured – Certified arborists and liability insurance is a must when looking to get your lot cleared. Dealing with workers who aren’t certified and doesn’t cover insurance can be an issue when incidents occur, making you liable and leaving you with more expenses. With Raleigh Tree Removal, insurance is covered and positive results is guaranteed. 
  • Safer for everyone involved. The problem with non-professionals is that they sometimes overlook simple details such as tree stumps, small debris and others more. Moreover, they don’t have the proper equipment to clean up all the mess and haul it away from your property. Professionals often deal with everything, making sure your lot area is ready for landscaping or construction.
tree stump grinding Raleigh, North Carolina

Land Clearing Rates

There are various factors that can determine land clearing rates. Typically, rates can go as low as $250, but can also reach up to $6000. While some companies charge per acre, usually around $20 to $200, some companies charge per hour, around $100 to $200. Below, you can see the determining factors that could change how much a land clearing may cost you.


  • Total space area of the lot.
  • Equipment needed to clear the lot.
  • What type of trees, plants and debris present in the lot area.
  • Accessibility of the lot area.
  • Additional requests or specifications.
  • Other inconveniences that may make the job a lot more difficult.

Raleigh Tree Removal has been in the land clearing industry for over 20 years, and there’s not one job we haven’t successfully handled. We always make sure we provide you all the information you need to know during our initial assessment, giving you a good idea on how the job will be done. Our process usually goes with clearing out your land, cleaning up our mess, and hauling it away from your property. You won’t have to worry about collateral damage as we adhere to strict protocols and procedures that should keep everything unharmed and intact. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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