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Are tree stumps preventing you from your landscaping or construction projects? At Raleigh Tree Removal, we can provide you solutions that should get those tree stumps out of your yard. Whether you want it hauled away, ground, burned or speed up its decaying process, we have the means that could get the job done. We have the skills, tools and experience that guarantees a quality service, so you can rest knowing that the job is as good as done.


We have nothing against DIY’s, but we advise you to be fully commitment in getting the job done. There are a lot of homeowners who start working on the project themselves, but eventually, they stop simply because it is too tedious and time consuming. Before you start working on it yourself, consider the expenses, labor and your time availability. Stump removal is not an easy job, especially for those without basic knowledge or experience. If you want assistance in removing your tree stumps, give us a call and we’ll have our team of skilled technicians assess your situation.

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Different Methods In Removing Tree Stumps


  • Cutting, digging and hauling it away. This method is a mix of techniques using sharp tools and equipment. Typically, it starts by digging, then cutting its roots for the stump to get hauled away. Depending on the situation, other techniques may be applicable. That being said, this method requires careful planning to successfully get the job done safely and efficiently. 



  • Using grinder equipment to grind the stump. This is the method that is usually performed because it can get the job done quickly and effectively. It doesn’t require much labor, except for handling a machinery that grinds the stump. Depending on our client’s specifications, the stump can be grinded to a certain depth, from 4 to 20 inches below ground level. You can request for the wood chips later on if you plan on using them as mulch for your yard or garden.


  • Using environmentally-friendly chemicals to speed up its rotting process. Unlike the other methods used in stump removal, this requires a considerable amount of time to take effect. Using chemicals to speed up the process of decay may take a few weeks, rather than waiting for its natural decaying process that can take several years. When the chemicals’ effect is noticeable, we can start chipping them away until none of it is left. This is usually the preferred method when dealing with numerous tree stumps.




  • Burning the tree stump to a crisp. This method may not be applicable to all cities or towns due to some laws that prohibit burning any wood or material in an urban area. Although it is very effective, you may want to check your local government if it is illegal or not. Compared to the other methods, burning the stump is inexpensive and only requires time and cleaning up after.



tree stump grinding Raleigh, North Carolina

When removing your tree stumps, we will always grind your stumps down to a depth of 20 inches below the grade of your yard so that there won’t be any dips or bumps in your landscape.  Raleigh Tree Removal also uses a grinder with high horsepower to make the tree stump removal process faster and more efficient, and we will haul away the remaining wood chips from your yard for free.  When the work is finished, your yard will look great and the removed tree stump area or areas will be ready for planting grass or other uses.


We know that the appearance of your yard and the safety of you and your loved ones is very important to you, so we only employ tree experts that are knowledgeable and experienced, and take all the proper safety precautions so you don’t have to worry about the process.  Ask us about the discounts we offer if you need more than one tree stump removed, and how you can get a free estimate for our tree stump removal services.


To avoid all the hassles of having to remove your tree stumps yourself and the hazards of leaving your tree stumps in place, contact us to ensure your trees stumps are removed properly, and to improve the aesthetic value of your landscape by making your yard smooth and beautiful once again.

Stumped How To Handle Your Yard? Let The Pros Do The Dirty Work!

Thinking of possible ways in dealing with the tree stumps in your yard? Unless you are an artist that could turn stumps into a piece of art, or an arborist yourself, there’s not much to do about tree stumps except to remove them from your property. They are hazardous, unsightly and could reduce the appeal and desirability of your home. Raleigh Tree Removal can provide you the service if you need assistance. We offer quality stump removal service at affordable rates with no hidden charges. Give us a call and we’ll start working on your tree stump right away.

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