Tree health is of utmost importance. Whether it’s keeping your trees healthy by proper tree fertilization, proper pruning, or helping to mitigate tree pests, we have you covered.

Our tree experts have experience encountering every kind of pest and tree disease and are able to diagnose and recommend a solution to improve the health and well-being of your tree.

Picture of a heart-shaped stump representing Raleigh tree health

Tree fertilization is very important not just to provide positive effects to growing trees, but can also help sick trees as well, in addition to an added benefit – it can actually help other plants on your property as a residual benefit.


For sick trees, fertilizer will ensure that your tree receives the nutrients it needs, so it can become stronger and fight infection. However, it is highly recommended you consult an arborist before using fertilizer, because it can actually do more damage in some situations.


One of the other benefits  is water absorption. Fertilizing your property properly will have a chain effect – grass roots are strengthened which can absorb more water to help avoid puddles and muddy patches. This can also help to decrease erosion in some scenarios.

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